Institute of Human Self-Development SAMRITI announces the initiation of national Family Generation Therapy Program, dedicated to correction of inherited generation disorders. Correction is performed in both physical and emotional aspects.

Program Mission – preservation of family generation traditions, restoring and strengthening spiritual force of the Human.

Program Aims – to help to continue the Generation Line of every participant, to develop and multiply the offspring potential.

Forms of realization – complex scientific-practical work on psychological, energetic and medical (if necessary) supervision of the participants.

Number of stages – 10.

Each stage lasts for 20 hours (10 hours a day).

Organizational fees include:

  • Residence in a double number,
  • Meals (the 1st day – dinner and supper, the 2nd day – breakfast and dinner),
  • Coffee-breaks,
  • Medical supervision.

Discount system:

  1. Persons who are under age: – 50%.
  2. Retired persons – 25%.
  3. Disabled persons, the 1st group – 50 %.

The advance fees is not to be returned.

The documents required for registration: a passport, retirement certificate, for children- the birth certificate is required.

The style of clothes: sport clothes. It is necessary to have mattings, warm clothes. Socks and plimsolls.

Options: there is possibility of attending the sauna or a swimming-pool.

The timetable of the 2nd stage
Saturday Sunday
09:30 Registration of participants 08:30 Breakfast
10:00 Start of work 09:00 Start of work
12:00 The first coffee- break 11:00 The first coffee-break
12:15 Work 11:15 Work
14:00 Dinner 14:00 Dinner
15:00 Work 15:00 Work
18:00 Supper 17:00 The second coffee-break
18:30 Work 17:15 Work
20:00 The second coffee-break 19:00 End of work. Departure of participants.

Place of program: call! Contact tel.:  +38 067-239-90-99 (14:00 – 21:00 GMT+2) Oksana Aleksandrova