Institute SAMRITI

Nowadays the world of the Ukrainian and Russian psychotherapy is represented with various therapeutic directions. These are the classical psychoanalysis of Z.Freud (K.Jung, A.Adler, W.Reich, K.Horney, E.Fromm), gestalt-therapy (F.Pearls), behaviorism (B.Skinner), humanistic psychotherapt (A.Maslow, K.Rogers), existential analysis (V.Frankl), transactional analysis (E.Bern), cognitive therapy (A.Bek), group psychotherapy (D.Moreno).

The increased number of therapeutic methods that intensified integration in psychotherapy prove the postulate that the existing psychotherapeutic approaches differ not by the relation to the object of the therapy – a human personality, but by their concentration on various aspects and problems of the personality. This is how the psychotherapeutic methods differ. This refers to the psychotherapeutic methods which don’t relate to the medicine because the instruments of theses methods are not the medications, but the contact field between a person and the world.

How was the Institute created?

Every direction of psychotherapy has been created to answer the society’s actual demands of deciding some emotional problems so that an individual could adapt to life and its manifestations. The generation of Nowadays is represented with the grandsons and great-grandsons of those who participated in the Great Patriotic War, who died and disappeared in the War, who left their families or were deported after the War. These are those who have lost connection with their roots, both the family and cultural. These are the people who were brought up in incomplete families as well as those who were abandoned by their parents.

These problems of the nation living in Ukraine, Russia and other post-Soviet territories was the causative point for the creation of the Institute of Human Self-Development SAMRITI, the main objective of which is the realization of Family Generation Therapy program as well as preparation of the specialists in this psychotherapeutic field.

Who is a Family Generation Therapist?

A Family Generation Specialist is a person who performs the tasks of a psychotherapist with consultant and correction aims, the aim of his practice is accumulation of a client’s energetic resource which was lost for various reasons by the previous generations, and this consequently led to a crisis in a person’s life.Because of the mentioned factors the person may have many unwanted events in his life, it may be difficult for him to find his place in life and realize himself, in a broad meaning of this term.

The specialty “Family Generation Therapist: is close to the specializations, the object and subject of which are the family relations and difficulties of upbringing children.

The field of a Therapist’s activity is the Family “wedge” and the presence or absence or relatives’ figures in it

The objective for the Therapists are improvement of the family generation connections’ quality, just until the 7th generation of his ancestors. This means that the practice implies changes in the memory inherited from the Family Generation Wedge representatives, those, who lived long ago before us. The peculiar characteristics of the “Family Generation therapist” are the following ones: sing the psycho-emotional methods, meditative practices as well as physical health-strengthening practices.

It requires attention that the direction has appeared and is still developing in Ukraine and this is a unique author method. Anyway, the Program materials comply with all the basic psychotherapeutic trends and provide for the correct use of them.

Requirements for the Family Generation Therapist.

As the practicing in the Program therapist undergoes quite significant energeticloads, he mustcorrespond to many requirements. These are: deep understanding of the client’s processes during the therapy; ability to “switch over” the consciousness and distribute attention on a few objects during the therapy; energetic strength and endurance; ability and skills to accompany the client during all the procedure. The physical health and psychic stability are the especial requirements for the practicing Therapist in the Program.

Tell about educating course on the specialty Family Generation Therapist.

The educating course lasts for 3 years and it is based on the European principles of education, according to the Bologna convention. The education is provided through the Internet resources. This educative form has been considered to be the most effective as the majority of our students work full-time on their jobs. The distant education provides for the possibility for the student to study at any time of the day as well as work with viewed lectures on the subjects for many times.The credit and examination sessions are held twice a year. The examiners are those associate and assistant professors whose video lecture materials have been presented on the educative SAMRITI resource.

What abilities does the Program give?

A SAMRITI graduate obtains the following skills:

  • The skills to correct the causes of various family relation problems in the context of inherited scenarios. These causes are the factors which have led to various difficulties and disorders manifested on both physical and emotional-spiritual levels.
  • The skills to accept maximum constructive decisions in life in every situation for his or her own life and the whole Family Generation.

The main peculiarity of the SAMRITI educative program is that it is aimed at self-improvement and correction of own emotional experience. The graduated of the Institute will use their skills in the Family relation field.

The graduates receive international Diploma of the European University Association Jean Monnet and they can be employed in any European country the diploma is valid in.